The Cost of Books

I’m sure all you Australians out there know the struggle. Books. Are. So. Flipping. Expensive. I’m annoyed that it’s so hard to find cheap books, let alone hardbacks – it’s like finding a four leaf clover here. So, that is why I am a dedicated library borrower/ebook reader.

I’m only still a high school student, which means that I don’t really have that much money, and why I seldom buy books, despite the fact that I yearn to have one of those colour coded bookshelves in my room with all my favourite books *sigh* I can dream. I am a bit of a perfectionist and love the aesthetics of book covers and how they look on shelves, plus the feel of dust jackets on hardback books… I’ve also always wanted to open a bookstagram, but can’t do that when you don’t own any books.

And yes, I know about Book Depository and Booktopia and etc etc, with free shipping, but the hardcover books can still be quite pricey, especially when I want to buy a whole series or hardbacks – which are my favourite type of book to read. Plus they are a bit sneaky with the prices, putting the shipping into the price of the book. One day, when I get a proper job and move out I will be able to buy all the books I want*crosses fingers*.

But yeah, for example, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming out in a few days, well I don’t really know if I want to buy it, seeing as it’s only a script and yes it’s on sale on Book Depository (with $20 off), but I don’t know if I’d enjoy it. It’s annoying to think about the fact that without the huge discount, it would almost be $50 and compared to the US and other places around the world, the discounted price is still expensive. And on the subject of Harry Potter, is anybody else really annoyed that JK Rowling decided to publish the script instead of a nice novel. Like I get that so many people can’t see the play (including me) but I feel like the script won’t do the play justice, or any other books for that matter. A novel would be able to bring that magic from the play and the rest of the other books, to us, without anyone having to buy a trip to London – ya know what I mean?

If anyone is reading this, I apologise for my awkwardness. I’m still getting used to this blogging thing, but bear with me please, and if there are any ways I can improve then feel free to let me know – I don’t bite!

See ya soon…





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