Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Discussion!

Hello again!  As you probably know, I just posted my review on the new, controversial, ‘eigth’ Harry Potter book and I liked it for what it was worth. (If you don’t know, maybe just scroll down a little so you know what I’m talking about). Oh, and for all you northern hemisphere people, I am actually posting this at like 9-10pm, so if y’all are wondering why you are getting posts at 6am in the morning and wondering how the hell I do it, well now ya know. 😉

OH, and before you proceed, know that, THERE WILL BE A LOT OF SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Anyhow, let’s discuss!

First things first, WHO IS ACTUALLY THE CURSED CHILD? I came out of this book wondering who the hell was it, as it could have been anyone in that story really. Most people I think, would automatically think of Albus, but is he really? It could have been Scorpius, with his family situation with him being the apparent son of Voldemort, to being the son of the enemy of Harry Potter, etc etc. BUT it could also be Delphi, who is actually the daughter of Voldemort, and who spent her entire life to try and live up to her father only to be defeated dramatically.

And on that note, I know everyone is saying this, but I totally agree…HOW DID VOLDEMORT HAVE A CHILD WITH BELLATRIX? LIKE WHAT? Bellatrix had a husband too… and I must not be the only one to say how did she not doubt the fact that Voldemort actually had a penis…we all saw him almost ressurect himself, or rather, get himself a sorta human body (where’d his nose go?).

Also, why does Scorpius have a crush on Rose? He belongs with Albus. Nuff said.
FullSizeRender (1)


How does this not sound like a love story?

Plus, I also really liked Harry and Draco working together in this book/script. It’s nice to see them actually putting aside their differences because they love their children. I also really loved that scene in the alternate reality, where Snape learns of Albus and how he is named after him. It was so heartbreaking, but also a really happy moment in a way, because somewhere, Snape knows that he is a hero.

I think that’s all I wanted to say for now, I probably wanted to say something else, but I forgot to mention it. However, do post your thoughts in the comments, because I’m sure you’ll remember something that I haven’t mentioned and then we’ll probably have a heart to heart talk about the issue or a fangirl moment… Although, I’d probably won’t respond for a bit, since I’m about to sleep.

So have a good one everyone!

P.S. I really apologise for all my jumbled thoughts, it’s basically word vomit, but I’m tired and in dire need of sleep..



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