Happy New Year! – Blogging goals for 2017

Okay. Just putting it out there. I am guilty of an unannounced hiatus and for that, I am sorry.

I guess I wasn’t really in the mood. BUT I promised myself, that when 2017 starts, I’m going to try again, so here I am on January 1st 2017 writing up a post for you guys, maybe a couple more.

Seeing as I haven’t seen you guys much lately, I’d just like to say that I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, whether it be Christmas, or any other type of holiday, or even if you didn’t celebrate anything at all (in which case, I hope you had a nice break). I wish everyone a great 2017 in whatever you choose to do.

Looking back over 2016, I think it was a rather successful year overall (not just blogging, which wasn’t really that successful..) but going into my second last year of high school this year, it’s going to be a harder challenge living up to 2016 (if you didn’t know, the school year in Australia starts late January to early February). So with that in mind, here are my bookish goals for 2017!

1. Post quality content at least once a week.

This may be a simple goal, but I did have trouble doing it these past few months, but as I keep saying, going to try and change that.

2. Make some blogging friends.

This one is going to be hard for me, as while it’s easier to interact with everyone and post nice comments, I’m incredibly super awkward at forming friendships online as I’m super scared to actually talk to people (but if you talk to me, I promise I won’t bite!). I know this community is super duper awesome and supportive so I know it shouldn’t be as hard as I make it out to be.

3. Interact more!

While I said that interacting with you guys such as commenting, or liking or whatever it is is easier to do, I still want to be more immersed in this community than I already am, and so I hope to do more of that this year as well. In this, I also want to make my blog posts more interesting for you guys to read, because that is ultimately the purpose of a blog and how the blogger says their mind.

Now for other booksish/reading goals!.

1. Read 75 books this year!

For 2016, my reading goal was 50, but I did start in May, giving me less time to achieve it. I would go for the 100, but with school and my busy life, I’m going to go in between.

2. Read more diversely.

Going back into the book world after a while, I read a lot of popular books that I have missed out on, and while I am no where near fully caught up, I’ve noticed that not too many are very diverse and I want to read more of that as well.

3. Stop using books to procrastinate

I don’t know how many times I did that last year and I feel like my luck has ran out when it comes to getting things done at the last minute so I need to at least reduce the amount of times that I do that.

So yeah that’s about it. These are among other new years resolutions such as eat healthier and get fitter (I actually need to get fit because I’m going on a trip around this time next year…wish me luck hahahaha).

But what are some of your goals for 2017?




3 thoughts on “Happy New Year! – Blogging goals for 2017

  1. Maddie A. says:

    I completely agree with your goals to make blogging friends and interact more, it’s also one of my new year resolutions. I’m actually scared to talk to people online too 😀
    Good luck with your 2017 goals! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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