Life Update – Book Slump + Reading Recommendations?

I know what you are going to think – she’s finally posting again?

I don’t know why, but I personally find it very hard to create habits, and stick with things, and this blog was a challenge I set myself, and I’m ultimately failing and sucking as a book blogger. I guess I’m going to ask you guys to stick with me, even though posts might be a bit sporadic.

One thing that is contributing to me not posting is the fact that I think I’m in a book slump. I hate book slumps. You hate book slumps, and I really wish they didn’t exist. Does anyone know the feeling, when they do like a book, but just don’t feel like reading, but still want to finish it? Well that’s exactly how I feel. I’m currently reading A World Without Princes from the School for Good and Evil series and while I really enjoyed the first book, I feel burnt out I guess. The more days that pass by without me even looking at a book, the more tempted I am to drop the book I’m reading and start something else, which leads to another problem that I need help with.

I’D REALLY LIKE SOME SUGGESTIONS. Basically, I’d like any suggestion that I guess is fast paced, or a book that has gotten you out of a book slump. I’m pretty much into any genre except like horror and erotica and stuff (not that you’d suggest me books like that anyways.. xD)

Right now, I think I’m going to write up another post or two, and try harder at blogging. For all those Aussie’s out there, you would know that school is starting up again, and I’m going into my second last year of high school, so it’s going to be pretty intense – and yes, now you guys know, I’m pretty young :).

I’m sorry to keep rambling on and on so I guess I’ll wrap this post up right now.

~ Zoe


2 thoughts on “Life Update – Book Slump + Reading Recommendations?

  1. justanothercreativewriter says:

    I’m going into my second last year of high school in Australia too and all the dry books they have us reading for homework really aren’t helping me enjoy reading. Books I would recommend are shorter stand alones (like The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater) or childhood favorites (like The Three Doors Trilogy by Emily Rodda). I find that something easy to understand or that you’ve read before doesn’t take too much focus to read so is perfect for getting out of a reading slump. Good luck!

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    • Zoe says:

      Thanks so much! You know my secret to getting by studying horrible books? I don’t actually read them lol. I just read chapter summaries off the internet and research all I can on the themed and stuff, because I find that in class we research on all those topics anyways, and its like you’ve read the book, but you haven’t. Might not work for everyone, but half the people in my school all do it xD


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