Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Thoughts…

I’m sorry guys, this is a late post, but I’ve been super busy this past week and a bit, between school, work and other commitments. I still have to post my review on the Raven Boys, as I’ve finished that, and I also finished the Unexpected Everything…so keep your eyes peeled.

Okay, so it’s the second of August when I’m writing this, which is 2 days after the release date, and I can happily say that I was able to buy this on the 31st in store! However, it wasn’t a bookstore, it was actually Big W (for those who live in Australia) as they had a one day offer of $15, and boy, how cheaper could they go…I obviously had to get it.

Originally though, I was doubting whether or not I should buy the Cursed Child. I knew though, that I definitely am not going to buy it full price, as I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as the other Harry Potter books, the main reason being that it is only a script, and not a novel. This actually annoyed me so much, like if you are gonna give us Harry Potter, at least give us a full length novel, that can give us a the magic of the wizarding world that I grew up with (I started readng this in Grade 3). I feel as if the script itself wouldn’t have the same charm, or feel as the previous seven books. Yes, I acknowledge that the play probably does have that, but guess what, I, and so many of you guys are not able to see the play, and experience that unique magic of the series through both the script and visual cues. I get that Rowling wanted a play – something different from normal. But can’t we at least have the quality of a full length novel that perhaps the play was based on, or even written after the play, as so many people are missing out on so much. Plus, does it annoy anyone that JK Rowling is called it the ‘eighth installment’ as to me, it feels more like a standalone novel, as it isn’t even really focused on Harry Potter, it’s more focused on Albus and his relationship with his father, and with all the time jumps (I know there is some) it just won’t be the same.

So, I looked it up on BookDepository, and saw that I could pre-order for a discount of $20 off its rrp of $45, and so I was still on the fence about it. But then, in all its glory, I saw a Big W catalogue advertising the book for $15 only for the day of the release date and I’m like, good book or not, I’m buying it. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, hardcovers are so rare in Australia, and if you do find one, its like $40, plus the book is really pretty (I even attempted book photography this time, with my mismatched collection of Harry Potter books…ugh). Knowing that these things were gonna sell like hotcakes, I pretty much demanded (sorry mum) my mum to bring my there when the store opens to make sure I got a copy. Turns out I get there about an hour after it opens, and half of them were gone (so good judgement on my part) and there we have it, I got the book.

This means I’m going to have a go at reading it. I’m sad to say I have a bit of low expectations, especially since a lot of people say that it reads like a fanfic, and doesn’t feel like JK Rowling. I do however am excited to see the next generation of Potters and even the Malfoys! However, I will post a review (once I get to my other ones first though…sorry!) and let you guys know my thoughts.

Hope you are having a good day! (it’s actually like 10:30 at night for me so…)


The Cost of Books

I’m sure all you Australians out there know the struggle. Books. Are. So. Flipping. Expensive. I’m annoyed that it’s so hard to find cheap books, let alone hardbacks – it’s like finding a four leaf clover here. So, that is why I am a dedicated library borrower/ebook reader.

I’m only still a high school student, which means that I don’t really have that much money, and why I seldom buy books, despite the fact that I yearn to have one of those colour coded bookshelves in my room with all my favourite books *sigh* I can dream. I am a bit of a perfectionist and love the aesthetics of book covers and how they look on shelves, plus the feel of dust jackets on hardback books… I’ve also always wanted to open a bookstagram, but can’t do that when you don’t own any books.

And yes, I know about Book Depository and Booktopia and etc etc, with free shipping, but the hardcover books can still be quite pricey, especially when I want to buy a whole series or hardbacks – which are my favourite type of book to read. Plus they are a bit sneaky with the prices, putting the shipping into the price of the book. One day, when I get a proper job and move out I will be able to buy all the books I want*crosses fingers*.

But yeah, for example, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming out in a few days, well I don’t really know if I want to buy it, seeing as it’s only a script and yes it’s on sale on Book Depository (with $20 off), but I don’t know if I’d enjoy it. It’s annoying to think about the fact that without the huge discount, it would almost be $50 and compared to the US and other places around the world, the discounted price is still expensive. And on the subject of Harry Potter, is anybody else really annoyed that JK Rowling decided to publish the script instead of a nice novel. Like I get that so many people can’t see the play (including me) but I feel like the script won’t do the play justice, or any other books for that matter. A novel would be able to bring that magic from the play and the rest of the other books, to us, without anyone having to buy a trip to London – ya know what I mean?

If anyone is reading this, I apologise for my awkwardness. I’m still getting used to this blogging thing, but bear with me please, and if there are any ways I can improve then feel free to let me know – I don’t bite!

See ya soon…