Life Update – Book Slump + Reading Recommendations?

I know what you are going to think – she’s finally posting again?

I don’t know why, but I personally find it very hard to create habits, and stick with things, and this blog was a challenge I set myself, and I’m ultimately failing and sucking as a book blogger. I guess I’m going to ask you guys to stick with me, even though posts might be a bit sporadic.

One thing that is contributing to me not posting is the fact that I think I’m in a book slump. I hate book slumps. You hate book slumps, and I really wish they didn’t exist. Does anyone know the feeling, when they do like a book, but just don’t feel like reading, but still want to finish it? Well that’s exactly how I feel. I’m currently reading A World Without Princes from the School for Good and Evil series and while I really enjoyed the first book, I feel burnt out I guess. The more days that pass by without me even looking at a book, the more tempted I am to drop the book I’m reading and start something else, which leads to another problem that I need help with.

I’D REALLY LIKE SOME SUGGESTIONS. Basically, I’d like any suggestion that I guess is fast paced, or a book that has gotten you out of a book slump. I’m pretty much into any genre except like horror and erotica and stuff (not that you’d suggest me books like that anyways.. xD)

Right now, I think I’m going to write up another post or two, and try harder at blogging. For all those Aussie’s out there, you would know that school is starting up again, and I’m going into my second last year of high school, so it’s going to be pretty intense – and yes, now you guys know, I’m pretty young :).

I’m sorry to keep rambling on and on so I guess I’ll wrap this post up right now.

~ Zoe


Suicide Squad! Non-bookish Review/Discussion

Hey guys! I just watched Suicide Squad the other day and I wanted to discuss it with y’all! These types of posts are random, and may pop up on my blog from time to time – they aren’t replacing normal bookish posts, they’re just an added bonus. Now, for those who haven’t watched it, I will put my non-spoilery thoughts at the top, but otherwise I’d leave the page after because I’m just going to write so much spoilery goodness….hehe

SO! Since it came out over a week ago, there have been a load of critics bashing the movie and giving it bad reviews. I am a HUGE Marvel fan, or superhero fan in general and I wanted to give DC a second chance (can we just mention how sh*t Batman vs. Superman was DC: 0 Marvel: 1). I personally love the TV show franchise with the Arrow and Flash and all that, but the thing that really bugs me is that they are not the same universe! Like if DC wants to live up to Marvel, they need to make their TV shows and movies hand in hand (but no they didn’t, so DC: 0 Marvel: 2).

When the trailer first came out, I have to say I was so excited…like I was really willing to give them another chance. UNTIL the reviews started coming in. I started feeling so-so about it, and thought that DC really was in the pits now (I ain’t giving them another chance after this) and then I watched the movie…

I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised! While it’s not the best movie I’ve watched, and while there could have been improvements, it was still an entertaining movie to watch and I really enjoyed it. PLUS CAN I JUST MENTION-THE SOUNDTRACK WAS AMAZING…still second place to the one from Guardians of the Galaxy tbh.

The acting from Will Smith and Margot Robbie were obviously exceptional – I wasn’t expecting any better, however some characters seemed a bit pointless to me? They seemed to focus mainly on Deadshot and Harley Quinn and left several others, especially Boomerang and Katana out. I personally feel for Katana though, as she is in the TV shows and I know more about her character, but honestly, they did a crap job of portraying it in this film. Plus, I wanted to see more of Boomerang! I rooted for him, as I wanted to like him, (because he’s Aussie and all..) but I just couldn’t – he barely got decent screen time and character development. I really liked Diablo, despite the fact that he wasn’t a major character, and even the reptile dude who I don’t even know his name because he got like 1% screen-time out of the whole movie – like seriously?!

I LURVED Deadshot, but that could partly be because of a) Will Smith’s acting, and b) Deadshot from the TV Shows.. For the Joker….hmmm I’m a bit stumped on his character. He barely gets screen time and he’s played by a controversial actor. He played it well, but not as well as Ledger (honestly, no one could live up to that)…I just feel he could have made it a bit more sadistic and insane…I don’t know but, it just didn’t feel right. And before I forget, I personally love Cara Delevingne in that movie, I don’t know why but I do..and is it bad I found Rick Flag oddly attractive too? Just me? Okay…

The plot was alright, sorta cliche at times, and a bit fast paced, and they could have done better. They tried to put in some humour, but it didn’t work all the time.  I think that’s all I have to say – if you are questioning it – watch it and judge it for yourself! NOW FOR THE SPOILERS! >:D





FIRSTLY CAN I JUST SAY AMANDA WALLER IS A BIG PAIN IN THE A**. I hate her in the TV shows, and I hate her in the movie. No surprise there. Like the whole flipping operation was to save her a** (apologies for swearing) and then she goes and kills everyone else that was with her because SHE COULDN’T BE BOTHERED BRINGING THEM WITH HER LIKE WTF? I really wanted her to die in that helicopter crash…but nope! She had to live and continue being a pain. *sighs*

I also love Deadshot so much….you probably already know that, plus he has an awesome taste in girl names, like his daughter = my name = immediately awesome.

Margot Robbie was so amazing as Harley Quinn and I love for once that an Aussie actor besides Hugh Jackman and the Hemsworth’s is a main character on a big budget movie. She played the insane delusioned Harley Quinn perfectly. A lot of negative reviews were going on about the relationship between Harley and the Joker and stuff, but honestly, their relationship in the movie is sugar and spice compared to what it’s like in the comics. The whole rescue mission at the end was a surprise for me – I thought it was Amanda Waller or something – I probably should have seen it coming but I didn’t.

And now Imma gonna tell you my favourite part – y’all may think it was a badass fighting thing or something but no. It’s actually a tiny moment when they all kind of gave up and went to an empty bar and Harley was going on about how they are all ugly inside, except for the croc dude, who is ugly on the outside too – but then he gives a smirk and says, “No, I’m beautiful.” YOU ARE AMAZING CROC DUDE – YOU DO YOU MAN.

OH AND WHY THE HELL DID THEY KILL DIABLO?! I loved his character, and they didn’t even go into his character that much, probably because they were about to KILL HIM. UGH. I feel like he would be  a very interesting character in a sequel or something, and his powers were just awesome. Like when he turned into the fire demon thing, I was like YASS!!

And for those who stayed during the credits, and saw the scene at the end (I have to say though, if you left before the credits, you shouldn’t call yourself a true fan of both DC or Marvel)  and I don’t know what to think. There is something happening with the meta-humans that were shown, Wonder Woman and the Flash included (I love the Flash from the TV show they better not stuff him up in the movies) and I want to find out.

I think that’s all from me though. What were your thoughts on the movie? And do you think DC will ever be a worthy opponent to Marvel?

Thanks for reading my word vomit 😀

Until next time..