My Rating System

I rate the books I read out of 5 stars, and I do give half ratings. This is what they mean.

5 Stars


4.5 Stars

I loved this book and is almost perfect, with minor flaws, OR I really really enjoyed it, and it’s one of my favourites, but I’m not an obsessed fan.

4 Stars

It was pretty good, but there were flaws that made me enjoy it less. This is not a favourite, but quite close to it.

3.5 Stars

I liked it, but there were a few more flaws, or things that I especially didn’t like.

3 Stars

This book could have been better and is quite flawed. Probably got several tropes in it, and was just an average book with nothing too special.

2.5 Stars

I disliked this book, and if it wasn’t for a few things, it might have reached average, this is for below average quality books.

2 Stars

2 out of 5


really disliked this book. Did not have many redeeming qualities, probably full of tropes, and/or the writing really doesn’t suit me. Had some good bits, majority bad.

1.5 Stars

1.5 out of 5


I almost DNFed this book. I almost hated it, but probably had one redeeming quality. Would not recommend.

1 Star

1 out of 5

How I read this book to the end, beats me. Hated it.

Half a Star

half a star

DNFed this book. Half a star for the effort it took the author to write it.